Content Creation/ Shoots

The most essential part of your digital marketing strategy should be the right content: without the right content, you won’t be able to attract your target group and build a relationship with them over time.


As a content creator on Instagram, I am always open to working with brands and other creators. I only promote products/services that I truly love and feel like my audience can benefit from


Public Speaking

Want an expert on social media, Instagram, digital entrepreneurship and self development? As an experienced digital entrepreneur and social media professional coming from a diverse cultural background, I am able to entertain, educate and engage your audience in many ways.

Event Management

As an allround event manager, I’ve organised and planned various events like a festival on the Great Wall of China

Private meetings


Which areas of your business could you improve? I will research and analyse your business. Based on the results, I provide one-on-one strategy consulting to improve your business’s performance online.


I offer one-on-one coaching where I help you bring your mindset and business to the next level.


Social Media Agency

A good social media strategy is essential for the success of your online presence as a brand. Done well, it requires daily effort and attention in order to build a relationship with your target group. At Social Nomads, we develop a custom made Social Media strategy for your business to drive customers, expand the reach and grow your audience. Go to for more information.

Lead Generation

I create and distribute advertisement campaigns to target specific audiences perfect for your business. This way, we generate new leads every month which gives you a direct return on investment.