Hi, my name is Chichi Zhang!

I was born in China

I was born in a small town in China, called Kaifeng. When I was seven years old, my mother and I moved to the Netherlands. Growing up with my family and especially my father on the other side of the world is challenging and I try to visit them as often as possible. This is one of the reasons why traveling has always been an integral part of my life.

Due to my upbringing, I came to understand the Chinese and Western cultures deeply. This allows me to see the world from different perspectives which shaped me to be open-minded and interested to explore the world as well as foreign cultures.

Today, at the age of 23, I have already seen quite a few different corners of the world: 4 continents, 24 countries, and counting.


I love travel & photography

As a strong lover of photo- and videography, I try to enrich and display my special moments with beautiful photos and videos. This passion was fueled by my travels. I wanted to find a way to freeze all the beautiful moments and places I encountered along the way and share them with my family.

Especially my grandmother in China who unfortunately has never gotten the chance to travel and probably never will. By sharing my moments, not only with my loved ones but also with the rest of the world, I am hoping to act as an inspiration. I wish that at least some of you out there will also pack their bags and explore all of what this gorgeous planet has to offer.

Inevitably, seeing the beauty all around the world awoke a deep desire in me to do anything I can to preserve it. Thus, I try to live more consciously and intentionally every day and hope I can inspire some of you to do the same.


I’m also a digital entrepreneur

Recently, I started my own social media agency in order to realise one of my biggest dreams: Making a living as a digital nomad. This will not only allow me to have my home base in Amsterdam but also give me the freedom to travel the world.

The decision to start a social media agency was an easy one. Ever since I launched my own private Instagram account back in 2013 I have been fascinated with Social Media.

It is the endless creativity and ways of expressing oneself that make it such an interesting endeavour for me.

Later, when I got the chance to manage Instagram accounts for festivals, my fascination grew beyond the initial excitement and motivated me to dive even deeper into the workings of such platforms.

Hence, if you are looking for an experience social media expert (specifically Instagram) don’t be shy and contact me. I would love to help you.